About J&K Police Department

Presenting Color by President of India In the good old times, the Police, as per Sir Walter Lawrence, constituted of 1000 village watchmen or "Chowkidars" who were vigilant and inquisitorial abilities. They were mostly drawn from the "Doom" caste of the population known for their excellent detection and transmission of intelligence. It was in the year 1873 AD that formal Police force came into existence with one Police officer known as Kotwal and 14 Thanedars for Srinagar City. This nuclear force would control crime and take care of Law and order situations with help of Chowkidars and "Harkars", who were paid by the population out of their annual agricultural produce on a voluntary basis. It was in 1913 that the state requisitioned the service of an imperial Police officer on deputation and appointed Mr. Broadway as the first Inspector General of Police in June, 1913.

Benefits to Citizen

  • Multiple channel to access services from police.
  • Simplified process for tracking petitions and FIRs.
  • Simplified process for accessing general services such as requests for certificates, verifications and permissions.
  • Simplified access to view/report unclaimed/ recovered vehicles and property.